Graphic Design & Illustration


Double spread ad design

When designing an ad, I always try to keep the ad as clean, simple, and to the point as possible, along with a strong statement of visual impact. Positioning is also important. Place your ad within editorial copy on the outside edge of the page.

Ad Design


Brochure design samples

Having a tangible printed piece in hand is still a valuable promotional tool in this digital online world. I invite you to explore and view the many graphic design options I have to offer. 

Brochure Design


Catalog cover design samples

Catalogs are an excellent, functional piece that will provide all the information your clients will need to know about your products and services.

Catalog Design


Watercolor illustration

Along with graphic design, illustration (both computer generated and conventional) plays a large part in what Gerlitzki Design is all about. Work directly with the artist to save time and money!

Illustration Samples

Logo Design

Logo design sample

A lot of time goes into designing a good logo concept. Development of the simplest, memorable image possible to visually tell the story of a business in a glance is the goal. 

Logo Design


Product packaging design sample

Packaging covers a range of possibilities.

Samples displayed are an exploded view of box construction, two four-color process frozen food boxes, and a two-color flexography corrugated box, along with a four-color process, water resistant paper, glued label.

Package Design